• Why You Need To Add Insulation to your Houston, Texas Home

    Why You Need To Add Insulation to your Houston, Texas Home

    The best way for Houston, Texas homeowners to know if their house requires the adding of more attic insulation is to consult the Department of Energy’s website and research all the available information on governmental recommendations for your attic insulation and energy efficiency. Consulting the D.O.E.’s website will also help you identify is the insulation that is currently present inside of your attic is compliant to their recommendations and guidelines. If a house has reached an optimal level of energy efficiency, the energy bills will visibly decrease and the living atmosphere will significantly improve. In order to increase these levels, you Houston, Texas house needs to be equipped with the proper attic insulation, in order to not lose heat through the roof, nor let a lot of outside air to penetrate the living quarters. Independent of the season, the attic insulation will provide a comfortable living environment, keeping you warm during the winters, and cooled during the summers.

    Omega Insulation Services is the leading company in the attic insulation industry, and offers all Houston, Texas homeowners the best of services, based on our years of experience, and on our comprehension of all things related to attic insulation. With our help, your house will most certainly meet the guidelines and requirements of the D.O.E., become more energy efficient, and help you save money on utility bills. If the beams in your attic are found within sight, it’s a certain sign that you need to add more insulation. Conducting an insulation upgrade inside your Houston, Texas attic will help you increase the energy standards of your home, but also save thousands of dollars on the long run, which is something that all homeowners dream of.

  • About Our Attic Insulation Upgrades

    About Our Attic Insulation Upgrades

    Unfortunately, not all house are constructed having all energy efficiency requirements in mind, therefore most of them require insulation modernization in their attics. Evaluating the state of a house, in relation to the energy efficiency guidelines often implies that the homeowner visit the attic of the house and look for signs that the insulation is not working as it should. But since most of us rarely enter into our attics, most of the times we find the signs when it is already too late, either we have already spent thousands of dollars on energy bills, or will need to conduct costly operation for the modernization of the attic. If the situation inside of your attic is not familiar to you, odds are that you will not be able to pinpoint the exact causes of the energy inefficiency, nor keep your family safe from health hazards, allergens, and living in an improper environment. Omega Insulation Services recommends that you put up insulation with a thickness of 15 to 19 inches, even though some regulations state that is should be no thinner than 13 inches, for the fiberglass insulation. The reasons behind our recommendation is that this insulation will add a lot of value to your attic, help you save money, and make your house extremely energy efficient.

    Some of our competitors think that it is enough to place insulation inside of an attic, insulation that slightly follows the guidelines of the D.O.E. in order to make a house energy efficient and, due to the lack of information, some Houston, Texas homeowners rely on their services. The truth is that the quality of the insulation and the quality of the installing play a key role in assuring the success of the job.

    Although all house constructors blow into a depth of around 15 inches (R-38 value) thus acknowledging the new home buildings code, sometimes they need to cut the costs, and decide to use a low-quality attic insulation and also low-quality supplementary materials. This choice is damaging for your home’s energy standards, also it gives the homeowner a deceitful conviction that everything has been done as it should. Low-quality products will swiftly deteriorate, and can never create the perfect seal throughout the attic, which is of utmost importance when it comes to saving money. Omega Insulation Services advocates that new attic insulation should be added to Houston, Texas attics every 3-5 years, consequently guaranteeing that the R-38 value is kept. Our specialists advise that the R-38 value be the minimum value your insulation remains at, for achieving all your house’s energy-efficiency demands.

    Omega Insulation Services only conducts attics upgrade with the use of top-quality fiberglass insulation, the best on the market, therefore significantly maximizing the levels of the insulation to a much more suitable R-value. Contact Omega Insulation Services and one of our Attic Insulation Specialists will come to your Houston, Texas house and conduct a proper inspection. As soon as the inspection completed, we will offer you a no-obligation energy efficiency consultation, discussing all of our findings with you, and recommending the best methods of modernizing the attic of your Houston house.

  • The Best Type of Attic Insulation for Your Houston, Texas House

    The Best Type of Attic Insulation for Your Houston, Texas House

    The attic insulation is an important aspect to consider when a house is being built or renovated, due to its correlations with the home’s energy efficiency but also with keeping your living environment safe and hazard-free. Your attic insulation needs to be compliant with governmental and local standards of efficiency, and help you save money from utility bills, but also prevent the need for expensive repairs. For your Houston, Texas house, there are two solutions when it comes to attic insulators and insulations: loose-fill insulation or blanket insulation.

    The loose-fill insulation is made of tiny particles of cellulose, fiberglass, or mineral wool. This type of insulation is blown into place with the help of special gear, which needs to be top-of-the-line, in order to achieve a successful attic modernization. Unfortunately, the adding of loose-fill insulation in your attic is never something you can do on your own, since it is key to have the proper knowledge about all regulations and about how to place the insulation and manage the gear that does so. The loose-fill insulation is less expensive, and offers great results for the energy efficiency of your house, but also provides a firm coverage in the attic of your Houston, Texas house. Call Omega Insulation Services and one of our insulation contractors will advise you about all of the aspects of loose-fill insulation, from governmental regulations to benefits and proper installation.

    Blanket insulation is the second type of insulation which can be used for the modernization of attic, and it is frequently used in the Houston area. The blanket insulation comes from the manufacturer in rolls or batts, and it consists of a material made from fiberglass, plastic or natural fibers, and mineral wool. Opposite to the loose-fill insulation, this second type of insulation can be place inside of the attic by the homeowner, but it will require a great deal of patience, especially when dealing with gaps and openings.

    Contact Omega Insulation Services and enquire about which type of insulation best fits the needs of your house when you are thinking about changing your insulation or upgrading your Houston, Texas attic. The adding of new insulation to the one that already exists in the attic is a great measure, and it will decrease the loss of heat through your roof, and also the infiltration of cold air through your attic, both of which affect your energy bills, and the energy efficiency of your house. Also, modernizing the attic and improving the energy efficiency will definitely be a plus for the living environment inside of your house, and create a pleasant atmosphere for your family.

    All Houston, Texas homeowners must be aware of the importance of a well-insulated attic, and understand how this can benefit your property. What are the results of a well-insulated attic? Warm and pleasant winter days, relaxing and chilling summer days, and an all-year-long comfortable living environment. Apart from all of these benefits, a well-insulated attic will make your house more energy efficient, keep away dust, allergens and all kinds of parasites and bacteria from wildlife infestations; and significantly reduce the cost of the energy bills.

    Contact Omega Insulation Services and let one of our specialists inspect the attic of your Houston, Texas house in order to make sure that everything is working properly, and your house is ready for whatever Mother Nature has to offer.