• Houston Attic Insulation Removal Services by Omega

    Houston Attic Insulation Removal Services by Omega

    When it comes to keeping your home free of the hassle that accompanies harsh weather conditions, wildlife infestations, or mold accumulations, the insulation in your attic plays the most important part in creating the perfect atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy. Even though attics are usually not that visited by homeowners, nor are they given the importance they deserve, that does not mean that their role in the energy efficiency of your house can be denied. In fact, not visiting your attic regularly and being aware of the state of your insulation can end up costing you a lot of money in energy bills, attic repairs, wildlife infestation removal and other necessary jobs that need to be conducted in an unsupervised attic. When you decide to undertake attic insulation removal challenges, you need to be aware that it is not an easy job, and it will require your full attention, but also it will require for you to have the proper knowledge about everything related to it. When you live with an infested or contaminated attic insulation, the breathable air can even be damaging for your health, because of the mold or residue from a wildlife infestation, which is why, as tiresome as it may be, you need to address the attic insulation problem. Contact Omega Insulation Services and let us take care of the hard work, one of your Attic Insulation Removal Specialists can fill you in on all the details, conduct a full inspection in the attic of your Houston, Texas house, and advise on possible methods.

  • Choose Us as Your Attic Insulation Removal Specialists

    Choose Us as Your Attic Insulation Removal Specialists

    The attic insulation removal process needs to always be performed with professionalism, and based on the proper knowledge, so that your attic ends up clean and fully sanitized. Omega Insulation Services is the best company in the Houston areas for the job, our team of specialists can offer you attic insulation removal services that are done with the help of top-quality materials and products, and based solely on ground-breaking techniques, so that the structure of your house does not suffer from the insulation removal, and all of the debris and harmful insulation be eliminated. A lot of homeowners do not know this but, if a house requires attic insulation removal, it is probably one of the best improvements you can make so that your family can benefit from the best living environment, and your house becomes safe to live in, and energy-efficient.

    Omega Insulation Services is dedicated to restoring the safe and hazard-free status of your attic, and we only use the best auxiliary materials, gear and technologies available on the market when doing so, independent of the situation in which we find your attic insulation. Omega Insulation Services uses an industrial, high-powered vacuum. The vacuum will be place outside of your Houston house, connected to a 400 foot hose, and used for the cleaning of the attic, removal of all damaged insulation, and other waste present from wildlife infestations or mold accumulation. When using the vacuum, we make sure that all of the waste collected is stored into a filter bag, and safely removed from your property, so that no parasites, fleas, mites or other harmful materials remain on your property, and compromise your house. This step is of utmost importance, although some of our competitors are not considering it when performing insulation removal procedures, thus hazarding the contamination of your property. Based on years of experience, professional training and proper knowledge, Omega Insulation Services can offer you the best services when it comes to attic insulation removal for your Houston, Texas house, keeping in mind all of the aspects that need to be considered in order to conduct a successful operation.

    Omega Insulation Services has a team of specialists who are always ready to take on any challenge, and can face any situation, remove all damaged and infested insulation, and safely haul it away from your property, making sure that the disposal is done in compliance with local rules and regulations. Omega Insulation Services guarantees all Houston, Texas homeowners that no other contaminations will happen inside of your attic, and on your property, once we are done with our operations.

  • The Importance of Conducting Insulation Removal Procedures in Your Houston, Texas Attic

    The Importance of Conducting Insulation Removal Procedures in Your Houston, Texas Attic

    Regardless of the factors which contaminated your insulation, living with a damaged or infested insulation is never recommended. Whether you have been exposed to mildew or mold accumulations, or your attic has been home for a wildlife species, you need to understand the necessity of removing all of the damaged insulation and replacing it with a new one, not only for the energy efficiency of your house, but also for the health of your family members. Independent of the reason which has led to this situation, Omega Insulation Services can do a full inspection and, after presenting you with the findings, recommend the best method for the removal of the attic insulation. Usually, the aspects which are related with the need for attic insulation removal services in Houston, Texas are as following:

    • Because of improper jobs, the insulation you have in your attic cannot offer your house what it needs in order to be energy efficient and keep you safe, thus requiring insulation removal services.
    • Old insulation is most likely affected by all sorts of factors, damaged or infested, and needs to be removed and replaced with a new quality insulation.
    • If your current insulation is full of allergens and dust, this can have a severe impact on your health. Most homeowners are not even aware that the insulation is the cause, therefore prolonging their health issues. In order for the breathable air to be healthy again, you need to remove the insulation, and install a new one.
    • The removal of the old attic insulation will help you diminish the cold and hot air transfers from the attic to the living spaces, and save money with the utility bills.
    • If you want to balance the indoor temperatures on your property, you need to consider removing the old insulation.
    • The improving of air quality can sometimes only be achieved by the removal of old and damaged insulation.
    • The need for Greenguard-certified insulation.
    • If water or smoke have damaged your current insulation, it needs to be removed, in order to avoid future problems.
    • If the insulation in your Houston, Texas house is not of good quality, it can even be cause for house fires, which is why it is mandatory to have it inspected and removed.