• Advantages of Having a Radiant Barrier in Your Houston Home

    Advantages of Having a Radiant Barrier in Your Houston Home

    Whether you live in an energy efficient house or not depends a lot on whether your attic is properly equipped to take on the all the struggles of maintaining hot air outside during the summer, and warm air inside during the winter. Houston, Texas homeowners have a variety of solutions for dealing with the heat from the sun, and the hot attics during the months of summer. These solutions, if properly implemented can help you avoid the overworking of the cooling systems, and the increasing in energy bills. Omega Insulation Services recommends the installation of radiant barrier so that the energy efficiency levels of your house be optimal. Our team of trained professionals is ready to help all Houston, Texas homeowners with these particular installations, and to offer the assurance that once our job is done, your house will be able to stay cool during the summer, and your energy bills will diminish.

    If you used the best insulation available on the market, at the optimum R-value, with the best auxiliary materials, but fail to properly install it, you will lose all of its benefits, and end up with a costly job that has little to no results. Also, all insulation needs to be installed in compliance with local and governmental guidelines and regulations. As for achieving a maximum level of comfort inside of your house during torrid summer days without spending fortune on cooling bills, the best solution is to install a radiant barrier attic insulation. This insulation is made from aluminum foils that reflect the radiant energy and maintain the heat at optimum levels, but also prevents the loss of heat during the winter.

  • Radiant Heat Information

    Radiant Heat Information

    The same way that your car gets extremely hot during summer days, so that the attic of your house, even though you might not have been associated the heat in the living quarters with the heating of your attic. In this case, the cooling system of your house, same as the air-conditioning inside of a car, has a lot of trouble in dealing with the increased temperatures, and needs to work hard just to maintain an optimum temperature.

    Since the attic is one of the least visited spaces inside of a house, most Houston, Texas homeowners rarely get the chance to actually experience how hot an attic can get during torrid summers. The radiant heat coming from the sun will immediately warm up any type of material that has absorbing capabilities, such as the rafters of your house or any other similar materials. When your attic gets excessively hot, all the extra heat will diminish the energy efficiency of your house, and affect the comfort of your family members.

  • What Are Radiant Barriers

    What Are Radiant Barriers

    Radiant barriers, universally known as “radiant barrier insulation” or “reflective insulation” are extremely advantageous for the attic of houses, as they reflect the heat energy back to its source, thus stopping pointless heating inside of your attic and living quarters. Radiant barriers are constructed from materials which have a heat-reflective property and, instead of capturing the heat, they will send it back to its source, thus limiting the transfer of heat from the underside of the roof. Having a radiant barrier is not only beneficial during the summer, but also during the other seasons, as the sun shines all year, and the attic can still overheat. Also, in the winter, the radiant barrier works as a protection, and keeps the warm air inside of your house, thus reducing the heating costs.

    Much as there have been constructed solutions for the heating of cars during the summer, such as foil-surfaced shades, so did the radiant barrier for the attic were developed to prevent the attic from overheating. The radiant barriers are usually placed between roof rafters and walls, and are of intense efficiency for cooling down the air inside of your Houston, Texas house’s attic and living quarters, consequently diminishing the costs with your cooling systems, mostly during the warmer seasons.

    Contact Omega Insulation Services and one of our specialists will provide you will all the necessary information regarding radiant barriers, their reflective properties, and everything else there is to know about installing and using them, but also about maintenance and upkeep on your Houston, Texas property. If you set up a meeting with one of our specialists, he or she will inspect your attic, discuss the findings with you, in correlation with all of the energy efficiency rules and regulations, and recommend the best course of action so that you stop losing money, and turn your house into an energy efficient home.

  • Enjoy the All-Year benefits of Radiant Barriers on Your Houston, Texas Property

    Enjoy the All-Year benefits of Radiant Barriers on Your Houston, Texas Property

    Properly installed radiant barriers will have a positive effect on houses in Houston, Texas, season after season; offering homeowners a comfortable living atmosphere, and much smaller energy bills. Radiant barriers are in fact one of the smartest investments you can make in your house and attic, and they will visibly improve the cooling of your house for the duration of the summer months, but also diminish the loss of heat during the winter.

    Call Omega Insulation Services, set up a meeting with one of our HVAC Technicians, and let us take care of all your energy efficiency needs, and make sure that radiant barriers are properly installed on your Houston, Texas property, so that you can benefit from their properties all year-round, save money, and start enjoying your home.