• Discover How a Radiant Barrier Improves Your Houston Home

    Discover How a Radiant Barrier Improves Your Houston Home

    The cooling costs of your Houston, Texas house can be significantly improved if you have a full understanding of how the heat gains work, and how to prevent them with the help of cost-effective solutions. When you install a radiant barrier in your attic, this will work as a barrier for the absorbing of heat, by reflecting it to its source. The presence of a radiant barrier inside of your house will significantly diminish the heat gain during the warmer months, therefore decreasing the cooling costs. For this to happen, all houses need to be equipped with the correct insulation, and homeowners need to have all the facts about the insulation and all other methods for achieving energy efficiency.

  • How Does a Radiant Barrier Work?

    How Does a Radiant Barrier Work?

    Heat usually move from warm to cool zones, with the help of a mix of radiation, convection and conduction. Nearly all insulation materials will slow down the conductive heat flow, therefore stopping the heat from relocating into the living quarters. But for the duration of the summer months, the heat from the sun makes your roof extremely hot, and ends up being conducted inside of your Houston, Texas attic, with the help of the materials from which the roof is constructed. As soon as this happens, the cooler attic zones, and the attic floor with be heated, consequently resulting in a warmer house during the summer, and also in higher bills for your air-conditioning units. With a warmer house, the air-conditioning will need to work a lot harder so that it will correctly cool your living areas, and this will immediately impact the energy efficiency of your Houston, Texas home.

    You know what a diminished energy efficiency indicates: unnecessary increase in energy bills and a lot of money misused.

    Fortunately, there exist a radiant barrier which can help you overcome this situation with success. The radiant barrier is in fact a reflective insulation that is placed on the underneath of your roof, so that the heat can be reflected back to its source, and kept at distance from your attic and living quarters. As soon as you install a radiant barrier, the heat will stop accumulating in your attic and transferring inside of your home, therefore the energy bills will be reduced, and you and your family will live in a much more suitable atmosphere. When installed perpendicular to the source of energy, the radiant barrier offers the most protection.

    Researches in the energy field have shown that the uses of a radiant barrier can significantly decrease the cooling costs of your Houston, Texas house, even by 10%; and especially if your house in a sunny area. Call Omega Insulation Services and allow one of our specialists to discuss the implications of a radiant barrier and its beneficial properties with you, so that we can offer you a custom-tailored solution for all your energy efficiency necessities.

  • What Type of Radiant Barriers Can You Install in Your Houston, Texas House

    What Type of Radiant Barriers Can You Install in Your Houston, Texas House

    A radiant barrier will usually be constructed from an aluminum foil, applied to one or both sides of a material such as craft paper, plastic film, oriented strand board or air infiltration barrier materials. This reflective insulation is often made time resistant with the use of fiber-improved materials. The use of fiver also turns the radiant barrier into an easy to install and maintain insulation.

  • Installing a Radiant Barrier in Your Houston, Texas Home

    Installing a Radiant Barrier in Your Houston, Texas Home

    It is not sufficient to install the proper materials and insulation inside of your house or attic in order to achieve energy efficiency; they also need to be correctly installed in order to perform at their best values. Usually, installing a radiant barrier means that you need to be aware of a few regulations and guidelines, since we are talking about an energy-involving reflective material, thus it would be best if you contact Omega Insulation Services and have one of our specialists help you with your radian barrier installation on your Houston, Texas property. A trained professional will have all the information necessary for conducting such an operation, from local building and fire codes, to how to use the radiant barrier so that it offers you the best of its properties.

    Contrary to popular beliefs, most of the excessive heat that you feel inside of living areas does not comes from the external walls or from opened doors, but from the attic, which is why it is indicated to have a radiant barrier installed, and diminish the presence of excessive heat, thus making your house more energy efficient. Ideally, a radiant barrier needs to be installed when the house is being constructed but that cannot always be possible, so there exist alternative methods for installing, which are also highly effective. If your house has an opened attic it is much easier to install a radiant barrier than in the case of a completely closed attic, because the barrier is attached or stapled to the underneath of the roof rafters.

    As aforesaid, since the radiant barrier is made from reflective material, you need to be extremely careful not to have it making contact with any of your electrical wires. Omega Insulation Services also advises all Houston, Texas homeowners not to place radiant barriers on top of the insulation in the attic floor, due to the fact that the foil might accumulate dust and store moisture.

  • Radiant Barrier Installing Advice

    Radiant Barrier Installing Advice

    If you are not using the services of a professional company, and are installing the radiant barrier yourself, there are a few things you need to have in mind before starting the job.

    • Be sure to have a sufficient source of light near you.
    • If you estimate that the operation will require a lot of time, do not try to finish faster or do it all in just one day, because you might end up compromising on the quality of the installation, and subject yourself to further work and even costly repairs.
    • Be sure to have water near you, mostly if you are doing this on a hot day.
    • If you can, work in a group of two or three people instead of by yourself.

    When you put up a radiant barrier on your Houston, Texas property, you will achieve a substantial energy efficiency, reduce cooling costs, and make your house much cooler during hot summer days. The radiant barrier is extremely cost-effective, and also saves you money in monthly utility bills, plus it adds comfort to your living atmosphere. Call Omega Insulation Services and set up a meeting with one of our Energy Efficiency Specialists and we will be able to inform you on all the regulations regarding the radiant barrier, and what is the best method of installing it for your Houston, Texas house.