• D.O.E. Standards for your Houston, Texas Attic Insulation

    D.O.E. Standards for your Houston, Texas Attic Insulation

    Omega Insulation Services, one the leading company in the industry of attic insulation, offers consultation, inspection and recommendations to all Houston, Texas home owners, regarding the state of their existing attic insulation, and inform you about all of the aspects that come with the upgrading or the replacement of your insulation, and which measure is best to take in the case of your house. Omega Insulation Services has a staff formed from skillful and highly-qualified Attic Insulation Specialists, who know everything about the D.O.E. standards, and will act upon them, if you decide to work with us. When the insulation in your attic is not compatible with the energy standards of the D.O.E., it means that your house is also not energy-efficient, and you end up paying more money on energy bills.

    Omega Insulation Services’ specialist can perform various attic insulation jobs in your Houston, Texas house, depending on your needs. Whether your current insulation needs to be topped with new insulation, upgraded or even removed, Omega’s team is up to the challenge, using only top-quality products and innovative technique and gear. If you house needs work in its attic insulation, once you are done and the new insulation is in place, you will immediately observe changes, your house will offer a much more suitable living atmosphere, plus your monthly energy bills will start to decrease, allowing you to start saving the money you were losing because of the poorly installed insulation.

  • Houston, Texas D.O.E. Advices for Attic Insulation

    Houston, Texas D.O.E. Advices for Attic Insulation

    • Consult an Attic Insulation Specialist about what type of insulation you need to install in your attic, and whether or not the layout of your house allows you to install radiant barriers, in order to create a better air flow, and diminish the chances of mold or mildew.
    • Be aware of how and where you place the insulation. Usually, in the attics there are sunken light fixture, and placing the insulation in a poorly manner around them can result in house fires.
    • Strictly follow the instructions of the manufacturer when installing insulation, and equip yourself with the accurate gear.
    • Don’t choose the insulation for your Houston, Texas house before considering all of the aspects, such as budget, weather conditions, and even the design of your home.
    • The higher the R-Value, the better for your house, so make sure that you have the proper information about how the R-value works, and how it can improve your house’s energy efficiency.

    All Houston, Texas homeowners need to have a perfect grasp of what the attic insulation represents for your house, why does it need to be compatible with the Department of Energy standards, and how it can help you save money. Knowing all of these facts, you will be able to make the best decision for your house, therefore making it more energy-efficient, and creating the perfect atmosphere for your family. Contact Omega Insulation Services, and one of our Attic Insulation Specialists will gladly answer all your attic insulation questions, explain the D.O.E. standards, and offer a consultation for your house.

  • What is the R-Value?

    What is the R-Value?

    You have probably heard of R-value before, and also seen it on the label of your current insulation, and even in D.O.E. recommendations, but in order to fully benefit for the aid of the R-Value, you need to know what it means, and why it is important for the attic insulation of your Houston, Texas house. Your attic needs to be fully-optimized in order to help you save money on energy bills, participate at making your house energy-efficient, and creating the best atmosphere for you to live in. In order to do that, it needs to have the best insulation, and it needs it to be properly installed, and in compliance with governmental standards and local guidelines. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation, the bigger your house’s energy efficiency. When a home owners has the perfect understanding of that the R-value is, it can easily decide between the services of companies with offer attic insulation replacement or upgrade, and avoid spending more money than they should, due to the unprofessionalism of some of our competitors.

    Omega Insulation Services advises all Houston, Texas home owners to always install insulation of a minimum value of R-38, even higher, depending on the area you live in, the structure of your house, and the external conditions which influence its energy efficiency. For a full energy efficiency, we recommend the R-49 value insulation, as it is the best on the market when it comes to maximizing the energy efficiency of your Houston home.

    If you contact Omega Insulation Services and ask for an inspection on your Houston, Texas house’s attic, regarding the state of your insulation, and what measures to take in order to make your house more energy efficient, our team of qualified specialists will offer you the best services in the industry, based on years of experience, knowledge of the D.O.E. standards, and dedication for making your house as energy efficient as it can be. We help all of the home owners who contact us and choose our services to improve the living atmosphere of their house, keep the breathable air pleasant and healthy, and also save a lot of money on monthly energy bills, independent of the level of damage that their current insulation has. Whether your attic has been severely compromised by mold, mildew, wildlife infestation, or the attic insulation only requires an upgrade, Omega Insulation Services will be able to help, and offer the best guarantee in the industry for the job we performed in your Houston, Texas house.