• Houston Energy Efficiency and Attic Insulation Services

    Houston Energy Efficiency and Attic Insulation Services

    Given the findings of almost every energy efficiency study available in the industry, we can safely say that attic insulation and energy efficiency are co-depended, and the relation between the two should always be considered by Houston, Texas homeowners, when they are thinking about how to improve their house’s energy efficiency. The general population needs to have an understanding about all things related to attic insulation and to its properties, in order to successfully conduct insulation replacement or upgrade operations, and cater to the needs of the house. In fact, the codependency of attic insulation and energy efficiency is one of the things that will most likely help you save a lot of money on energy bills.

    If you house’s attic is not properly insulated, the transfer of heat will affect the indoor temperatures in the living areas, regardless of the season. Aside from properly insulation your attic, you also need to keep in mind what type of insulation you’re using, and make sure to choose a top-quality insulation, because not all products available on the market offer the same energy efficiency support. Cellulose insulation, the cheapest product available, is also one of the worst insulation you could use, and it will never do anything that make you spend thousands of dollars in future insulating jobs.

    Omega Insulation Services understands and has the proper knowledge about the importance of insulation, its type and quality, and offers all Houston, Texas homeowners services conducted using the best products and materials, such as CertainTeed Insulsafe SP insulation. This is an eco-friendly insulation, thus allowing both us and the homeowner to do our part when it comes to protecting the environment.

  • Improve Your Houston, Texas House’s Efficiency Levels and Comfort

    Improve Your Houston, Texas House’s Efficiency Levels and Comfort

    Omega Insulation Services, the best company in the industry for Houston, Texas energy efficiency issues dedicated to providing all homeowners with the best of services for all of their energy efficiency needs. After you contact us, one of our specialists will inspect your house and provide you with a details report of our findings and recommendations, before proceeding to implementing whatever measures are needed inside of your house and attic. No matter how difficult the job might seem, we are always ready to provide you with all the alternatives, thus allowing you to choose wisely, save money, and ensure the energy efficiency of your house, and making sure that you are compatible with all local and governmental guidelines and regulations. Are you getting tired of paying ridiculous sums of money on your monthly energy bills? Do you suspect that your house might have energy efficiency problems? Contact Omega Insulation Services and let us find the problem and propose the best solution for your Houston, Texas house, a solution which will be effective, simple, and always custom-tailored to fit a specific situation.

  • Indications that Your Houston, Texas House is Not Energy Efficient

    Indications that Your Houston, Texas House is Not Energy Efficient

    When your house is not energy efficient, you can see a number of signs indicating to that affect. These indications can be seen by homeowners or by a professional energy expert, after he or she has conducted a full home inspections from an energy efficiency perspective. For example, your cooling and heating systems might work properly, but your house can still be cool during the winter and warm in the summer. This is a clear sign that something is not right, and that you are not benefiting from an optimal level of efficiency. Most of the times, this means that you attic needs more insulation, or that the current insulation is either badly installed, or of poor quality. You can spot these issues in areas where there exist gaps. These gaps are responsible for letting the winter warm air go up to your attic, and the hot summer air venture inside of your living spaces. Check for gaps around the areas where you have electrical outlets, HVAC vents, cabinets, or plumbing.

    Independent of the season, the discomfort caused by the fact that your attic is not properly insulated will affect you and your family members, and ruin the pleasant atmosphere of your home. Usually, during the summer months, the rooms that are situated below the attic will seem most impacted, as the attic will be heated, and the rooms will get warmer and warmer. Also, in the winter, the lack of an accurately insulated attic will result in losing the heat from inside of your living areas, and make your heating systems overwork to compensate. Omega Insulation Services’ EPA Certified HVAC specialists are highly-trained in spotting all of your Houston, Texas house’s energy efficiency problems, whether they are caused by the insulation inside of your attic, or appear in crawlspaces or exterior walls.

    When your home’s energy efficiency levels are kept at a minimum level, the distress which affects you and your family can only be eradicated by fixing all of the problems inside of the attic, and regaining the optimal standard of efficiency, along with diminishing the value of energy bills for your Houston, Texas house.

  • Achieving Energy Efficiency in Your Houston, Texas House with the Help of Insulation

    Achieving Energy Efficiency in Your Houston, Texas House with the Help of Insulation

    When energy efficiency problems appear, most home owners turn to complicated and inefficient methods for solving them, but the truth is that, most of the time, all you need to do is add high-quality insulation in your attic, so that the indoor temperature be kept at an optimum level, regardless of the season, and you can start saving money on your energy bills. The insulation in your attic needs to be compatible with all HVAC, local and governmental standards, and accurately installed by professionals. Once this is achieved, the homeowner will not have any other problems regarding the energy efficiency, and can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere inside of the living areas along with his or hers family. Independent of dreadful weather, your house will benefit from a maximum level of energy efficiency, thus being able to do its job, and keep you warm or cool, healthy and safe.

    Call Omega Insulation Services and talk with one of our energy efficiency experts in order to conduct a full home inspection regarding the efficiency levels, inform you on all of the findings, and recommends the best solution for your Houston, Texas house’s situation.