• Solar Royal: Solar Empowered Attic Ventilation for Your Houston, Texas House

    Solar Royal: Solar Empowered Attic Ventilation for Your Houston, Texas House

    Although most homeowners are not fully aware of this aspect, the truth is that the attics of houses have a great role in the proper functioning of a house, in assuring that you and your family live in a comfortable atmosphere, and that your house is as energy efficient as it can be. When the attic of your Houston, Texas house is not ventilated as it should be, it will take all the hot air from outside and transfer into your living quarters. When this happens, homeowners usually end up spending a lot of money on energy bills, or on complicated cooling and heating systems, when it fact the problems lies in the ventilation system of your attic.

    As a response to these issues, Solar Royal SR1800, a new high-technology system that features a solar-empowered attic fan, is constructed to function in cold winters and hot summers, and can be used on any type of Houston, Texas structures and buildings, residential or commercial. Unlike most ventilations on the market, the Solar Royal is a top-of-the-line ventilation system, with an aesthetically pleasant design and functionalities which are highly beneficial for your attic and house. The Solar Royal is cost-effective, weather-and-time-proof, and does not require a complicated maintenance procedure, therefore the best choice for your attic ventilation needs in Houston, Texas.

  • The Advantages of Using Solar Attic Fan Ventilation

    The Advantages of Using Solar Attic Fan Ventilation

    • This ventilation will increase the life of your cooling and heating systems, and the life of the roof of your house.
    • It will reduce energy bills and slow down cooling cycles.
    • The ventilation system is resistant to any type of moisture, and more importantly, to the moisture caused by mildew or mold.
    • The solar attic fan ventilation is highly resistant to all weather conditions, independent of the season.
    • The solar attic fan ventilation system will allow the movement of airflow, from passive to active.
    • The ventilation system is one of the best available in the market, and ca easily resist accumulations of heat. This is not the case with most of the systems that are available for these kind of jobs.
    • After numerous tests, the solar attic fan ventilation system has been rated with windstorm resistance, aspect of utmost importance for those houses that are constructed in areas with big storms.
    • The ventilation system is free to operate and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Wind Turbines General Information

    Wind Turbines General Information

    For Houston, Texas homeowners who are considering going green and diminishing the usage of energy, it exists the Lomanco Whirlybird Turbine Ventilator. In terms of all-weather turbine vents, this is one of the best solutions available in the industry, and comes in three sizes: 8, 12, and 14 inches. The Whirlybird Turbine Ventilator consists of aluminum or galvanized designs, or even tile roof design. This is important when it comes to maintaining the exterior aspect of your house, and not damaging the overall aesthetics of your Houston, Texas property.

    The Lomanco Whirlybird Ventilator is available in two versions, braced internally or externally, versions which have the same internal construction. The externally braced ventilator is a bit different on the outside, because it has three braces. All of the Whirlybird Turbine Ventilators are accompanied by a life-time warranty, and are made from lubricated ball bearings. This is important when it comes to the time resistance of the ventilator, but also because it requires little to no maintenance. Another significant aspect to have in mind is that the Whirlybird can resist in conditions of harsh winds of even 100mph, due to its spider-like construction, which is riveted at every connection, rigid, and incredibly resistant.

    The Lomanco Whirlybird Turbine Ventilator is made with 100% rust-free aluminum materials, and it can deflect water with the help of the air foil vanes which are curved and have rolled edges.

  • The Advantages of Using Wind Turbine Ventilation

    The Advantages of Using Wind Turbine Ventilation

    • The wind turbine ventilation comes with lifetime warranty, for residential applicants.
    • The ventilation is riveted at every connection, which is why it is incredibly strong in the face of powerful winds.
    • The turbine is made from 100% rust-free aluminum materials, aspect of high importance, especially when you choose the externally braced turbine.
    • It survives winds of 110mph.
    • It has lastingly lubricated ball bearings, which promise a long life, and also eliminate the need of recurring upkeep.
    • The wind turbine ventilation reduces the energy bills for your Houston, Texas house, and also the temperatures inside of your living areas.
    • It features 21 air foil, curved vanes with rolled edges, so that it can ricochet the water.
  • Maxflo Super Soffit Replacement Soffit Covers for your Houston, Texas Home

    Maxflo Super Soffit Replacement Soffit Covers for your Houston, Texas Home

    Omega Insulation Services recommends the Maxflo Super Soffit replacement vent covers for houses in the Houston areas. Having an accurate venting in your soffits will assure the pulling of cool outside air, and the pushing of warmer air out, with the help of ridge vents and turbines. Structural destructions or mold growth frequently happen when hot air builds up in the summer, and moisture progresses in the winter months, which is why it is compulsory to stop them, and dodge any health threats that might be caused by them.

    An accurate attic ventilation system will help all your other systems, such as the radiant barrier, the attic turbines or the attic insulation to function at supreme parameters, and will maintain a nontoxic, healthy and relaxing living atmosphere in your Houston, Texas home. Most of the times, regular soffit vents get clogged because of debris or dirt. 25% of the vents of your house can get clogged for the duration of one year, and in five years, all of the vents in your roof and attic might get clogged, if not meticulously maintained.

    Almost like substituting the filters in your cooling/heating systems, Superior Soffit replacement vents will provide you with clog-free and clean vents. These vents will then continue to help your attic correctly circulate air, therefore lessening your energy bills, dodging the necessity for expensive roof repairs, and strengthening the wellbeing of your Houston, Texas house.

  • The Advantages of Using Maxflo Soffit Vents in your Houston, Texas House

    The Advantages of Using Maxflo Soffit Vents in your Houston, Texas House

    • The Maxflo Soffit Vents will increase the energy-efficiency of your current ventilation system.
    • The vents are highly weather and time proof.
    • The Maxflo Soffit Vents are the only vents available in the industry which are fully re-usable and also easy to clean.
    • The Maxflo Soffit Vents will eliminate all the moisture that has been building up inside of your house’s attic.
    • The vents can diminish the temperature inside of your attic, even by 25 to 50 degrees during the summer months.
    • The Max Soffit Vents is accompanied by a Lifetime Warranty.
    • The Maxflo Soffit Vents will elongate the life of your cooling/heating systems, and the life of your Houston, Texas house’s roof.