• Houston's Best Attic Restoration & Reparation Specialists

    Houston's Best Attic Restoration & Reparation Specialists

    Our company services the Houston area with attic restoration procedures, which are comparable to the insulation removal and replacement jobs which we also conduct in Houston, Texas. If an attic has had the same insulation for more than 15 years, odds are that your house requires attic restoration services, which are usually tiresome and pedantic, and need to be performed with professionalism and based on proper knowledge. Also, if your attic has been affected by external factors, such as wildlife infestations, you will need to repair it in order to eliminate all of the debris left behind by the animals, and also eradicate all health threats and odor problems. For attic restorations conducted because of a rodent infestation, they need to be done in order to eliminate all traces of urine, feces and pheromones, which could easily attract new packs of rodents inside of your Houston, Texas house’s attic.

    Omega Insulation Services will perform a 3-step operation for the attic restoration of your house, making sure that all of the space has been fully sanitized, decontaminated and restored to its initial status. Our 3-step operation will accelerate the existence of a safe, healthy and pleasant to live in atmosphere for you and your family members. The first step of Omega Insulation Services’ operation involves the removal of all the attic insulation, and of all waste found in the attic, regardless of its provenience. Our specialists will inspect all the attic space, check all the ductwork and electrical wires, and also make sure that the attic is properly sealed, and there are no gaps or openings that might result in air leaks. Based on our experience, we have found that some attics need air-seal spot treatment. In this case, we advise our customers to get in touch with one of our Attic Insulation Specialists, and take care of the stop sealing of the attic, therefore permanently eliminating the air leaks problem.

    The second step of the operation is related to the cleaning, sanitization and decontamination of your Houston, Texas house’s attic. Omega Insulation Services conducts this second step using a 4-step attic fogging treatment. By applying this treatment, which has been thoroughly created so that all the mold, mildew and debris be removed from your attic, we ensure that no health hazards are left behind. Our specialist will begin the 4-step fogging treatment by applying an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-microbial substance. Following this step, we focus on the eradication of all pheromones, so that no new wildlife species be attracted to enter inside of your attic. In the third step, all roaches, parasites, mites and fleas, and their eggs, will be eradicated. The final step of the fogging treatment involves applying a mold and mildew treatment, which will thoroughly clean, sanitize and decontaminate the entire attic, making the air inside of your Houston, Texas house breathable and safe again.

    Omega Insulation Services’ last step of the attic restoration operation is the blow-in of R-49 value new insulation. We work with this particular type of insulation as it is the best in the industry, and the only one which can assure that your house’s energy efficiency will be fully optimized. The new insulation will be treated again, as soon as we place it, with an anti-microbial substance, thus offering our client the assurance that the attic is completely decontaminated, cleaned and sanitized, and ready to provide you and your family with the much-needed pleasant living atmosphere.

  • Repairing the Attic of Your Houston Home

    Repairing the Attic of Your Houston Home

    Omega Insulation Services offers attic repairing services for all Houston, Texas homeowners who have an attic in a bad shape, or who are interested in inspecting the state of their attic, and finding out whether or not it requires to be repaired. As soon as an Omega specialist performs a full home inspection, he or she will be able to offer you all of the details of their findings, and, based on years of experience and knowledge of governmental guidelines, local regulations and energy efficiency rules, offer you recommendations about the best course of action for your Houston, Texas attic.

    Since attics are rarely visited by homeowners, they end up being cause for a lot of damages and lack in energy efficiency in your house, and, because the issues are not found in early stages, you will end up spending thousands of dollars in repairs, insulation replacement, decontamination and other related procedures. Attics are the most important components of that assure the energy efficiency of your house, and also that the breathable air if healthy and safe for your family members. A poorly maintained attic will present mold, mildew, allergens, debris form wildlife infestations, mites, parasites, fleas, and many other problems, such as fire hazards or harmful moist. If the attic of your Houston, Texas house needs to be restored and you do not conduct these operations in time, your house’s energy efficiency will significantly decrease, thus costing you a lot of money in energy bills.

  • Frequent Causes of Attic Issues

    Frequent Causes of Attic Issues

    If your Houston, Texas attic requires restoring, it is typically because of two main causes:

    • Wildlife Infestation - if animals have inhabited the attic of your house, it is not sufficient the safely remove them in order to get rid of the problem. These infestations often come with tons of damages, such as tears in the insulation, damage in the ceiling or roof, mites, fleas, parasites or pheromones contamination, and all of the other harmful factors associated with wildlife infestations.
    • Roof Leaks – in the case of roof leaks, as soon as a roofing contractor has fixed your roof, you will also need attic restoration professional services, because the leaks also affect your attic. Consult Omega Insulation Services and one of our specialists will tell you what you need to do to make sure that all the attic damages are properly fixed.
  • Projects for Attic Repairs in Houston, Texas

    Projects for Attic Repairs in Houston, Texas

    Homeowners have a few resources at hand when it comes to maintaining the good status of their attic, by doing small repairing projects, which will prevent further deterioration, and save them money on complex and hard to accomplish restoring job. Omega Insulation Services can inform you about how you can maintain your attic and do attic repair projects, contact us and one of our Attic Specialists can help with everything you need.

  • The General Maintenance of Your Roof

    The General Maintenance of Your Roof

    Making sure that your Houston, Texas roof is properly maintained with the passing of the years is of utmost importance for your attic and your house, efficiency-wise, but also for keep you and your family members healthy and safe from the influence of harsh weather, dust, allergens or mold. If there are crack, openings or gaps in your roof, chances are that mold will accumulate inside of the attic, which is why it is best to prevent these situations, by properly maintaining your roof.

  • Repair and Replacement of Insulation

    Repair and Replacement of Insulation

    The insulation inside of your attic is responsible for assuring that your house is energy efficient, and for keeping the breathable air safe and free of dust, allergens or bacteria from wildlife infestations. Due to that fact, the insulation and any changes made to it, such as removal, replacement, upgrading, need to be given the attention that they deserve. If the insulation of your attic has not been properly installed, or it is as much as your house would need, odds are that you will end up spending a lot of money on energy bills, regardless if the weather is cold or hot.

  • Attic and Roof Vent Cleaning and Maintenance

    Attic and Roof Vent Cleaning and Maintenance

    When air can flow freely, it prevents the heat from building up in your attic, and enter your living areas. This aspect gives the vents on your roof and in your attic a major role in the energy efficiency of your house, which is why you need to always make sure that they are properly cleaned, and to be in charge of maintaining them throughout the years.

  • Inspecting the Electrical Components of Your Houston, Texas Attic

    Inspecting the Electrical Components of Your Houston, Texas Attic

    Your house’s electrical components are usually located inside of your attic, which is why it is mandatory that these components be regularly inspected, and any sign of malfunctioning be fixed. If you do not perform this action, you house is susceptible to a dangerous fire, and your family members are in danger of getting hurt. Also, a house fire will produce thousands of dollars in damages and repairs. The attic is one of the most exposed areas of your house, after the roof, which is why it can be affected by water leaks, wildlife infestations, or even damaged during other kind of repairing or cleaning operations. All these aspects contribute to the necessity of looking after your Houston, Texas house’s electrical components. Water and electrical wires should never coexist! Same goes for exposed wires and wood!