• Save Money by Sealing Air Leaks in Your Houston Home

    Save Money by Sealing Air Leaks in Your Houston Home

    Sealing all the air leaks present in the floor of the attic is something that all Houston homeowners need to consider in order to significantly improve the energy efficiency of their house. In fact, this is the best energy update you can offer your house, and it will have great results as soon as you perform it. When you seal all the air leaks in the floor of your attic, you prevent air from leaking between the living areas and the attic, therefore improving the living environment for your family, and saving money on energy bills. Knowing what can happen when you have air leaks in your attic’s floor is important because they not only affect your house’s energy, but can also carry allergens and dust inside of your living spaces, thus putting you and your family at risk.

    When it comes to performing upgrades and repairs in the attic, Houston, Texas homeowners often make the mistake of thinking that it is enough to add more insulation, and this will also seal off all the air leaks. The truth is that insulations are not air barriers, and they seldom seal off air leaks in the floor of your attic. When the air flows through the insulation, this will act as an air filter, and not as an energy-efficient insulation. Also, the thermal endurance is decreased. In order to obtain satisfactory energy efficiency, your Houston, Texas house needs to find the perfect balance between the sealing of all leaks in the attic floor and the upgrading of the insulation. When these do are conducted together, there is a maximum chance that the much-need thermal barrier is created, and your house will benefit from an improved living environment, and smaller energy bills.

    Omega Insulation Services is the top leading company in the industry in the case of home solutions for sealing air leaks in attic flowers in the Houston areas, and homeowners can rely on the help of our highly-qualified specialists in order to provide them with successful solutions. Our team only uses top-quality materials and products, is geared with proficient equipment, and makes use of the best techniques in the industry. Spot Sealing and Foam Flashing are the solutions which Omega Attic Insulation Services provide for all your Houston, Texas sealing needs. Independent of which solution you decide to choose, we will make sure that your house can reach an optimal level of energy efficiency, and provides all of your family members with fresh breathable air, and pleasant living atmosphere. Because your house requires a top-quality air barrier, we only conduct attic floor sealing operations once the old insulation has been entirely removed from the attic.

  • The Advantages of Attic Floor Air Sealing

    The Advantages of Attic Floor Air Sealing

    • Attic floor air sealing will significantly expand the quality of the air inside of your living areas, providing a much more pleasant living atmosphere.
    • Attic floor air sealing will balance the indoor temperatures inside of your living quarters.
    • It will reduce the cold and hot air transfers.
    • It will visibly increase the performance of the insulation, and make your house more energy efficient.
    • The sealing of all air leaks in the floor of your Houston, Texas house’s attic will not only eliminate the possibility that bugs, dust, allergens and moisture exist in your attic, but also their transfer into your living areas.
    • The sealing of all attic floor air leaks will increase the life of your heating and cooling units.
  • Spot Sealing Attic Floor Air Leaks in Houston, Texas

    Spot Sealing Attic Floor Air Leaks in Houston, Texas

    Spot sealing is one of the most frequent method for the sealing of attic floor air leaks in the industry. Once the spots are found and pinpointed in the floor, an orange fire-obstructing and insulation foam sealing will be strayed into all of the electrical holes and plumbing gaps. This action will need to be conducted taking into consideration the canned recessed lights, and all areas which might be responsible for the transmission of the air from the attic inside of the living areas. The foam is bright orange because this is a highly-visible color and will allow the contractors to pinpoint what leaks have already been sealed. Spot sealing using foam is a cost-effective solution, and maximizes the energy efficiency of your Houston, Texas house.

  • Complete Attic Floor Foam Flashing

    Complete Attic Floor Foam Flashing

    If spot sealing is the most cost-effective method for sealing all attic floor air leaks, complete attic floor foam flashing is the most advanced one. This is performed by spraying a ¾ inch layer of closed-cell foam over the entire attic floor. When this method is being used, the attic of your Houston, Texas house must be properly vented, with vents in the ridge, soffits and gable end. Selecting to spray flashing foam with this method will not only design an air barrier from the home, but also a much more effective thermal barrier. Fiberglass insulation is then used to cover all the sprayed foam flashing, and to increase the R-Value, as well as for its fire-barrier properties.

  • Attic Floor Air Sealing and Insulation in Houston, Texas

    Attic Floor Air Sealing and Insulation in Houston, Texas

    Omega Insulation Services’ technician will, as soon as the attic floor has been correctly sealed, prepare the installation of new insulation. We recommend that you install insulation either at a depth of 15 inches, the R-38 value insulation, or 19 inches, the R-49 value insulation. Once new high-tech Greenguard-certified attic insulation will be installed in your attic, your Houston, Texas house will have a clean and energy efficient attic, thus highly improving the air quality inside of your living areas, and assuring you a healthy and hazard-free atmosphere. Omega Insulation Services’ qualified specialists are prepared to deliver you the best services in the industry in the Houston, Texas area, therefore offering you a warm house during the winters, and a cool one during long hot summer days.