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Omega Insulation Services is the leading company in attic insulation in Houston, within the city limits and surrounding area. We take pride in this status, and offer all our customers the services of a team of qualified and experienced professionals. We certify that each job is effective and successful, measured by the standards of our clients and diminishing their losses of heat or air conditioning in poorly insulated homes. Omega uses only the highest quality fiberglass insulation because we understand that short term fixes are more expensive in the long term for homeowners.

Omega Insulation Services offers a variety of valuable functions from decontamination to insulation replacement. We will not only add or remove insulation in the attic, but make sure that your home can attain its energy-efficiency standards, taking into account the wide range of restoration services that can insure you and your family have prime air-quality and a healthy living environment. Insulation diminishes naturally over time and higher quality materials are always entering the market. You may easily be unaware of how much money you are losing monthly on heating, cooling and utility bills. Look into the history of your attic insulation and call Omega Insulation Services today to see how we can help you make your home healthy again.

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You, like most homeowners in Houston, are likely unaware that up to 40% of a home’s energy ends up far from the four corners of your hearth and home. This is because of your Houston house’s attic. If the attic of your house is not correctly insulated or does not have the top-quality fiberglass insulation recommended by Omega, it can cause you to hemorrhage money on energy and utility bills. Research shows that a correctly insulated attic can reduce your energy bills anywhere from 30% to 50%, depending on the circumstances. Don’t hesitate to find out if you are losing money because of your attic. Odds are that, unless you have called Omega Insulation Services recently for a checkup on the health of your attic insulation, you are among those who are overpaying to heat the Houston streets.

This is an easy fix. Most homes are literally leaking money through nooks, crannies and generally poor insulation. Omega is here to help. With an easy consultation you can discover where your home is lacking in energy efficiency and gain the tools to reverse this trend immediately. Don’t hesitate to discover how you can start saving on heating and cooling bills today. Omega Insulation Services is standing by to make your Houston home the energy efficient refuge it was meant to be.

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There are a few accepted methods when it comes to ways of optimizing your house’s energy-efficiency levels. The most self-evident include upgrading or adding insulation to the attic, but there are plenty of ways to create a home that hums along without bleeding heating and cooling bills through the walls and ceiling. With any Houston home, however, there is a single, simple way to get the most informed and effective answer to questions about energy efficiency, and that is with an Omega Insulation Services professional by your side. Our superior expertise and knowledge includes an understanding of local architectural tendencies and all local and governmental regulations.

In order to exploit your energy-efficiency potential, the atmosphere in your house needs to allow proper ventilation of the attic, meaning radiant barriers must be installed, the floor of the attic sealed, the air ducts properly sealed and full home weatherization must be conducted. When all these elements work together, your home will become the energy efficient sanctuary you imagined it to be when you purchased it. Omega Insulation Services’ technicians have the necessary knowledge in order to determine the perfect formula for your Houston home. Give us a call today and don’t hesitate in making your home as efficient as possible.

Attic insulation & restoration, radiant barrier & more in Houston, TX

Houston Attic Insulation Upgrades

If you want to save money when it comes to the expenses of your home, making an upgrade to your attic insulation is possibly the best thing you can do. The fact that your attic is poorly insulated, or that the insulation is of poor quality has a serious impact on your house, by making the heating and cooling systems work much harder just to fulfill their daily duties, your energy bills will increase, and the atmosphere inside of your living areas will have to suffer. In opposition, when the attic is properly insulated, with the best insulation, the attic will contain all air leaks, and contribute to the energy efficiency of the house. Even though there are a number of supplementary approaches you can take for your attic’s situation, doing the job half-way will only mean that your home cannot reach its energy efficiency, and you are still not saving any money. The optimal energy efficiency levels are attained only in the case of correctly insulated attics.

Houston, Texas Attic Restoration

Usually, when an attic insulation is much older than eight years, signs start to show, and tine insulation get damaged by mold, mildew, or infested by rodent excrement, fleas, mites, pheromones and other wildlife invasion-related debris. When this happen, the best thing you can do is to perform an attic restoration. While Omega Insulation Services handles an attic restoration, our specialists will first remove all of the contaminated or infected insulation, decontaminate and treat the attic for mold, and blow-in new insulation at a minimum value of R-38. Amongst the extremely beneficial outcomes of attic restoration is the capacity of seeing your entire bare attic space. When this happens, you will have a much better understanding of your attic, and of how it needs to be organized, so that your house gains more energy efficiency, and all of your wires and electrical cables stay in the right place, and are all intact. The benefit that comes with conducting an attic restoration is that it is the best time for you to also accurately insulate your attic, therefore enlarging your house’s potential of becoming energy-efficient and helping you save more money. Call Omega Insulation Services and set up a meeting with one of our Attic Insulation Specialists for a consultation on your Houston, Texas attic.

Do you have rats in your attic?

One of the most frequent wildlife infestations encountered in Houston and surrounding areas, are those of rodents, especially of rats. Rat infestations are to blame for a number of serious damages inside of tour house and attic, from chewed wires to bacteria and parasites being spread all over the house. In fact, the wires chewed by rats and squirrels are the cause of one-third of all home fires in the areas. Regardless of this worrying aspect, rats also have the ability to multiply with impressive speeds, defecate and urinate all over your attic or crawlspaces. This will immediately turn your Houston house into a hazardous living space for the health of your family members, and also contaminate the air.

If your home has even been invaded by rats, or it is struggling with a rat infestation at this time, the best thing to do is to call Omega Insulation Services, and have one of our Rodent Control Specialists, from Omega Animal Removal, inspect your entire property, from attic, crawlspaces, to living areas, in search for any signs of rodent presence, and the damages that they previously created. Once our specialist has fully inspected the house, he or she can make sure that you will never be faced with raccoons, squirrels, rats, or possums infestations in the future. If your Houston, Texas house has never been touched by rat infestation, we can advance to the sealing of all access points found on your property, so that no rats or other species of animals find their way inside of your attic and house ever again.