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As the leading company in the Dallas attic insulation industry, Omega Insulation Services takes pride in its reputation, and offers all its customers our team of qualified and experienced professionals. We make sure that each job we undertake will be efficient and effective in the long term, diminishing the loss of heat or expensive air conditioning in poorly insulated homes. Omega provides a wide variety of home improvement services to make sure that your home can attain energy-efficiency standards, leaving you and your family with healthy air-quality and a relaxed living atmosphere in the knowledge that your heating and cooling bills are the lowest they can be.

Whether you are looking to decontaminate or upgrade, Omega Insulation Services are the best in the industry. Our specialists are trained to recognize where your Dallas home is losing out on efficiency and how we can help it improve. Insulation diminishes over time and higher quality materials have come onto the market in recent years. If you have not updated your attic insulation in a few years you are likely hemorrhaging money on your heating and cooling bills without even realizing it. Give Omega a call today to see how we can help you make your home a healthy one.

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Many homeowners will be surprised to learn that up to 40% of a house’s energy ends up being displaced because of your Dallas home’s attic. If the attic of your house is not correctly insulated or has a cheap low-quality insulation, it can cause a significant loss of money on energy and utility bills. Research shows that a correctly insulated attic can reduce your energy bills by 30% to 50%, depending on the home’s specificities. This finding raises the feared question: are you losing money because of your attic?

Attics are large vacuum-like spaces that we think of as separate from the heart of our home, but they actually put significant pressure on our interior spaces by drawing out the temperate air and filling it with the unregulated air of the outdoors. Odds are that, unless you have called Omega Insulation Services to assess the health of your attic insulation, you are likely a victim of the silent bill killer—seeping energy costs and poor regulation. Call Omega today for a consultation on the status of your attic space. You will be shocked by how quickly the services pay for themselves as we downsize your energy bill for the long haul.

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When it comes to ways for optimizing your house’s energy-efficiency levels, there are a few methods that exist in addition to the predictable upgrade or addition of insulation to your attic. For Dallas homeowners to be able to choose the method that best suits the necessities of their particular house, they require the expertise and knowledge of a trained professional. It may seem like a straightforward process, but the variety of ways in which your home can leak expensive heating and cooling is shocking to most citizens. It may be through deteriorated insulation in your attic, but it could also come from cracks in your roofline or walls.

An insulation specialist is always aware of local and governmental regulations as well as the historical trends in home insulation and the latest technology on the market. In order to exploit your energy-efficiency potential, the atmosphere in your house needs to allow the correct ventilation of the attic. This can include anything from the installation of radiant barriers, sealing the floor of the attic and the air ducts and providing a full home weatherization. When all these elements work together, your home will become significantly more energy efficient. Omega Insulation Services has all the required knowledge in order to craft the perfect formula for improvement of your Dallas home.

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Attic Insulation Upgrades

Upgrading your attic insulation is one of the best things you could possibly do to save yourself money in the long run. When your attic is not properly insulated, or has a very low attic insulation levels, your air conditioning units work harder, your energy bills become increasingly expensive and the long term cost of owning your home can become a burden. Having the proper type and level of insulation in your attic allows minimizes your air-leak levels between the home and the attic. While there are additional measures you need to make to truly make your home run at it's optimal energy efficiency it starts with making sure your attic is properly insulated.

Dallas Attic Restorations

Attic Restorations are recommended if your attic insulation is more than 8 years old, has been contaminated by rodent excrement, or has been compromised by moisture in any sort of way. When an attic restoration is performed, all of the existing attic insulation is removed, your attic is sanitized and treated for mold and mildew, and then brand new insulation is blown-in to an R-38 value. Another major, and usually unrecognized, benefit of an attic restoration is the ability to see your bare attic space. This allows you to optimize your home's energy efficiency by air-flow sealing your attic floor and duct work and also allows you to see all of your wiring and electrical work to ensure that everything is still properly intact. There is never a better time to properly insulate your attic than while doing an attic restoration. Call one of Omega's Attic Insulation Specialists to schedule your Dallas, TX attic restoration consultation today!

Do you have rats in your Attic?

Rat infestations occur all throughout Dallas and the surrounding areas. This can cause some serious issues in your attic and even a small rodent infestation in your attic can lead to some serious damage. Rats and squirrels are both notorious for there inclination to chew wiring throughout your attic and are responsible for causing approximately one-third of all home fires. On top of that scary fact, rats proliferate at astounding rates as well as urinate and defecate as they walk through your Dallas, Tx attic, chew into duct work systems and occasionally bring fleas and mites into your attic as well.

If you have ever had a rat problem, previously or currently, it is recommended that you give us a call to inspect your attic for any damages that could have occurred. We can have one of our Rodent Control Specialists from Omega Animal Removal accompany one of our Attic Insulation Specialists to your home and make sure that your home can never be compromised by rats, squirrels, raccoons, or opossums ever again. If you never have had a rodent problem we can even close all of the entry points on your home and ensure that you never have a rat problem in the future.